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Feb 22, 2021

DailyBasket vs BigBasket: Coimbatore-based grocery startup responds to Tata BigBasket's lawsuit

Creates to respond to BigBasket's cease and desist letter

Screenshot of (left) and BigBasket
Screenshot of (left) and BigBasket
DailyBasket, a Coimbatore-based grocery startup has responded to Tata BigBasket's cease and desist letter in a non-legal way. 
According to DailyBasket, Tata Group, that recently acquired BigBasket wants the former to stop using the domain name, discontinue its mobile app and stop all operations, transfer the domain name (, pay Rs 2 lakh to cover the legal notice cost, and not use the domain containing the word basket in the future. 
Dailybasket has chosen this route because it claims that it doesn't have the power and money BigBasket possesses and instead wants to fight them in public.
The reason behind this is that Dailybasket wants the BigBasket management to look into this matter and stop sending threatening emails, and allow it to operate in Coimbatore both online and offline.
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