Dr AL Sharada
Oct 26, 2020

Creative Critique from a gender lens: 19-23 October

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada reviews eights ads from last week
Dr Sharada reviews eights ads from last week


The ads project various situations which require efficient courier service and how Blue Dart meets the various requirements of the clients. There is adequate representation of women and girls in the ads, including a woman delivering  the consignment, But, the roles are still very stereotypical -  male doctor, female nurse, male  boss, female secretary! Would the message have suffered if the ad showed female doctor, male nurse, female boss and a male secretary. Definitely not, but it would have helped viewers see beyond the gender defined roles.
GS Score 3.25/5
Buying and selling cars as well as driving cars is predominantly seen as the concern or passion of men. In that context it is interesting to note that the ad makers have decided to show both men and women in the queue of interested buyers. However, the ad would have done well if it had atleast one of the characters being a woman, preferably the Cars24 representative. The ad also has the Cars24 representative suggesting that the broker should go home and make tea for his wife, which is quite refreshing, rather than asking the man to enjoy the tea made by his wife. 
GS Score: 3.25/5
A casual touch and friendly banter are a part of interaction between men and women in work places. However in the ad Udit Narayan is shown putting his hand on the shoulder of his fellow singer Alka Yagnik in a context which does not warrant such touch. The ad makers could have avoided it. 
GS Score: 2.9/5
A very touching ad which highlights the need to call out when faced with a situation where a man is engaging in unwelcome physical contact. The unequal power equations between the boss and a young aspiring woman professional often make it difficult for her to call-out, many times forcing her to leave her career or job. The #metoo movement has given many women the courage to share their experiences which has been quite cathartic to many. iDiva does well by keeping alive the spirit of #metoo by this ad, reminding all women to take action at the very first act of sexual harassment in workplace.
GS Score 4.5/5
The ad acknowledges the stress of a woman managing work, home and other obligations and the need to invest in a massager for her relaxation like the other members of her family do. Women deserve but do not invest much in their health and well being. Increasingly many brands seem to be realising this and the untapped market potential in getting women as consumers. Hope the increased focus on women, their double burden and stress we see in some ads these days help some women atleast to realise and take action to improve their health and well being.
GS Score 3.5
Brings out the camaraderie between young people. Is soda only for men?!!
GS Score 3/5
Much needed ad, when people are raring to travel and use hospitality services. It reminds us all of the need to be cautious in Corona times and the responsibility of service providers to ensure the safety of their customers.
GS Score 3/5
Who would have thought of having a foot and mouth painting artist to promote hand washing!!? The ad released by Savlon on World Hand Wash Day featuring Swapna Augustine is amazing and inspiring. Apart from promoting hand washing the ad also provides visibility to the immense potential in people in spite of the disabilities. The ad evokes admiration and not pity towards Swapna.  Particularly the choice to feature a female artiste is commendable as women with disabilities often face the double discrimination of gender and disability. We need to have more visibility of women and men in diverse contexts in our communication to build a more inclusive and equal society. 
GS Score 4.5/5
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