Creative critique from a gender lens: 18-22 January

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Jan 28, 2021 09:56:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

Cyber crime is rampant with the increasing use of mobiles for financial transactions. The ad shows two young people, a young man and woman trying to scam an old man through vishing. It reflects the increasing involvement of women as scamsters.
GS Score: 3.2/5

It’s ‘mousse’ romance, once again a young man trying to impress his girlfriend with a gooey chocolate in the most stereotypical way.
GS Score: 2.5/5
The ad focuses on the dominant tendency to question women’s capabilities and silence their voices and highlights the need for women to prove themselves and raise their voices against the powerful. However, the link between the message and the product seems a little contrived.
GS Score: 3.5/5

An interesting series of ads that highlights the features of the car and how they are more evolved.
GS Score: 3/5

The ad has a condescending tone, features a man as the voice of authority and highlights the presence of Diclofenac, a common pain reliever, as a special ingredient.
GS Score: 2.25/5

The ad highlights the need to be compassionate, caring and empathetic. It features children as the protagonists which should help initiate conversations in families about these values. The ad with the child using the statue command to stop his mother running to meet the demands of her family members and making his father agreeing to make tea for himself is interesting.
GS Score: 3.5/5