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Dec 12, 2010

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: TME

How Campaign India rated TME: 5

Campaign India Agency Report Card 2010: TME

Type of agency: Media

Company ownership: Rediffusion Y&R

Key personnel :Divya Radhakrishnan, president; Navroze Hodiwala, Mumbai; Bhavna Jha, Delhi; Raj Datta, Kolkata

Accounts won: Allied Breweries, Shriram Insights

Accounts lost    Colgate Palmolive

The loss of Colgate Palmolive needs to be seen beyond numbers. It is apparent that TME,  under the Rediffusion Y&R banner, no longer enjoys the support of  WPP.
That puts a lot of pressure on the TME team, which is stretched anyway with the volume of new business attempts.
It will be an interesting year at TME;  how they regroup after the CP loss will help us understand the direction in which the agency is headed.
How Campaign India rates the agency: 5

How TME rates itself: 6
This year for TME began with the re-alignment of Colgate Palmolive media mandate. After 25 years of successfully handling the media duties - Colgate Palmolive India Ltd & TME parted ways. This came in the wake of a global alignment of the Colgate media businesses. Although this alignment was in force since 2004, India was the only country where TME had the media mandate until 2010, due to the exemplary work carried out by the agency. However due to new contractual terms the re-alignment was brought into effect this year.
Putting the past behind us, we have been going to the marked with re-molding of our thought process to be totally media agnostic and taking media planning to an enhanced platform of Market Contact Planning tm. TME is enabled to deliver solutions by being part of the RYR group which has 6 specialized practices in its fold. Processes, tools and structure have been re-modeled in this direction to ensure complete focus on the proposition. The objective is to deliver OTX tm (opportunity to experience) as against the traditional OTS models.

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