Noel D'souza
Nov 07, 2023

Brands need to use AR filters for greater engagement and creativity: Snap Inc’s Ty Ahmad-Taylor

At Snap Inc’s APAC AR Day, its vice president - product growth, shared insights into how AR impacts marketing, shopping behaviors, and brand strategies

Brands need to use AR filters for greater engagement and creativity: Snap Inc’s Ty Ahmad-Taylor

At Snap Inc's 'APAC AR Day' held in Mumbai on 6 November, Ty Ahmad-Taylor, vice president - product growth, Snap Inc, shared insights into how AR impacts marketing, shopping behaviors, and brand strategies.


Taylor kicked off his talk by highlighting the transformative impact of AR in the marketing world. 


He voiced, “Creatives are continually seeking innovative ways to capture and retain attention. AR's immersive experiences, from personal shopping to expressive communication, have the potential to provide the ideal stage for creative content and branding.”


Enhancing relationships


Snapchat's primary mission has always been to enhance relationships between friends and family revealed Taylor and stated how he believed that AR offerings can help accelerate these relationships.


“To enhance relationships, AR can help create memorable interactions. AR can elevate consumer experiences and offer benefits to businesses as well. The user experience is elevated through AR offerings which makes it the north star for brands," shared Taylor.


AR opportunities for brands


While early adopters in retail and beauty categories have successfully utilised AR, Taylor stated that several brands and categories have untapped potential with AR.


He explained, “AR empowers brands to provide consumers with product exploration, try-ons, and more personalised interactions. AR's versatility extends beyond retail, enabling education and immersive brand experiences.”


How AR influences shopping behaviours


Ty Ahmad Taylor discussed AR's impact on shopping behaviours and customer preferences.


He stated, “There is a study that cited that AR experiences led to a remarkable 94% higher purchase conversion rate, signifying AR's role in transforming traditional shopping norms.”


He also shared that the study also underlines the significance of various AR features at different stages of the consumer journey.


“Preferences for specific AR features, such as product visualisation or customisation, change as consumers progress from product discovery to making a purchase. AR can be tailored to meet consumers' needs at different points in their buying journey,” he remarked.


AR ads vs. traditional formats


Taylor delved into the impact of AR ads compared to other ad formats. He explained, “Attention is a crucial metric in evaluating the effectiveness of advertising. AR Lenses can outperform all other media formats, with significantly fewer ads to generate equivalent levels of attention compared to other platforms.”


Giving Snapchat's example, Taylor added, “Brand recall is 1.3 times higher for those exposed to AR Lenses on Snapchat compared to other channels. This underscores the effectiveness of AR in enhancing brand recall, showcasing the potential of AR for brand campaigns."


Taylor underscored the benefits of integrating AR into a brand's media mix as they result in impactful ROI. 


“Brands can directly benefit from increased purchasing intent, brand preference, and improved brand perception when using AR in their advertising. The key is breaking the video sequence on Snap with an AR ad, which can help build brand perception and generate excitement. This will create effectiveness for a brand campaign,” shared Taylor.


Meeting consumer needs with AR


Taylor revealed findings from a study conducted in collaboration with consumers, brands, and AR usage.


“Consumers' demand for AR experiences that enhance their daily lives, shopping, and immersive interactions is clear. The study showed that 67% of participants use AR mainly for shopping, and the consumer community seeks valuable, creative, and immersive AR experiences to build deeper connections with brands. As AR continues to evolve, brands have the opportunity to harness its potential for greater engagement and creativity,” he concluded.

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