Raj Nair
Aug 29, 2017

Blog from Busan: What an Ad Starry eyed week it has been!

Raj Nair, who was on on jury duty at Ad Stars 2017, looks back at his experience at the festival

Blog from Busan: What an Ad Starry eyed week it has been!
Judging Crystals, Bronzes, Silvers, Golds and Grand Prix over first part of the week – Check!
Debates, discussions and just the odd dilemma over what award to give – Check!
A near unanimous decision for the two Grand Prix (Meet Graham and Pedigree Replace Your Child With A Pet) among the multiple Grand Prix – Check!
A collection of wonderfully wise as well as compulsively crazy jury members across the different verticals – Check!
A Whatsapp assortment from this assortment that may well hopefully go on to become friends for life – Check!
Popping across to the Bexco Exhibition Centre to see the work put up – Check!
Being pleasantly surprised by glow box of self as part of the jury exhibition – Check!
Attending some of the more interesting sessions at Bexco Exhibition Centre – Check!
A super tight Grand Gala and awards ceremony with all the deserving awardees and everyone present cheering on lustily – Check!
But wasn’t there more to Ad Stars than the work around the work – a huge Check!
And did we get to make and bake our own traditionally Korean fish cake rolls and fish cake pizza – Check!
And did we get to go to the oldest and most traditional fish market in Busan – Check!
And did we get to experience the beautiful, calm and newly inaugurated Busan Air Cruise (a cable car ride that took us over the ocean to give us a breath-taking view of the Busan skyline at sunset) – Check!
And is there more to Korean food than bulgogi, bibimbap and kimchi – Myeolchi Bokkeum - Check!
Ddukbokkie - Check! Sundubbu Jjigae - Check! Haejangguk – Check!
And were there enough attempts by aforementioned Whatsapp jury assortment to sample different aspects of Busan nightlife– A big Check for each night!
And are we going back to Ad Stars again – CHECK!
(The author is CEO, Madison BMB.)
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