Babita Baruah
Aug 01, 2012

Babita’s Blog: Unbehave

Babita Baruah, executive business director, JWT, says it’s time to break out of the glorified time warp

Babita’s Blog: Unbehave


This is a lift from a session I had taken on Consumer Behaviour the other day.

Thought it also makes a point about the way we behave in agencies.

Unbehave- no guesses here- is about making people undo or shed their existing behaviour.

And make way for new ones.

Increasingly relevant today, with the changes around us and the way we work. Or have to.

Where crowd sourcing is the new mantra for co-creativity.

Digital agencies rub shoulders with mainline for a share of the big idea.

Youth continue to change. And be game-changers.

Timelines for every project are tighter than anything we would dare to wear.

Budgets seem to be shrinking by the second.

Small screens are nudging out the bigger ones.

Consumers’ behaviour is leapfrogging with technology.

Clients expect response round the clock.

Hard sell is in.

Working the way we used to ten years back, or maybe even six years back, impacts effectiveness.

Most of us are in a glorified time warp. Citing examples of the days that are no longer relevant.

Things need some changing back home.

Creative solutions vs ideas (read  TV scripts).

Create content.

Think digital. Live social.

One person accountability vs teams. Be clear- finally who does the buck stop at ? And empower that person.

Sense of urgency. Being amazingly nimble.

Not be restricted by our current skill set.

Be open to the fact that the answer to the client's challenge may not be advertising but various other things like building a community, going on ground . Even a new app!

Create much bigger opportunities and recognition for the stars in the system. Don't let them be averaged.

It's not about policy. It's about culture change.

It's about being ruthless about this.

Life is a zero sum game and for every winner, there will be some who lose out.

That's the only way we can be ahead of the curve.

The views expressed are the author's independent views as an ad professional and do not reflect the organisation's viewpoint.

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