Nike's Trainspotting-style rants take a swipe at smartphone generation

View the campaign conceptualised by Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

Dec 12, 2016 08:49:00 AM | Video | Shona Ghosh

A Nike campaign comprising a series of stark spots instructs viewers to stop looking at their phones and get outside.
Ditching its usual sporty visuals for white text over a black screen, Nike has unveiled six of the ads, each featuring a Siri-like voiceover.
In the longest spot, the Siri-a-like goes on a "Choose life"-style rant, beginning: "This commercial is just one minute, compared to the ten hours a day you spend glued to your screens."
A series of shorter videos appear to mock services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, without naming any of them.

The campaign was created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland.
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