MTV takes on homophobes, says '#LoveCantBeChee'

Watch the film conceptualised in-house here

Feb 15, 2017 04:03:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, MTV India has rolled out a film targetted at homophobes as it tries to push home its message, 'love can't be disgusting'.
The film shows people in public spaces indulging in questionable things that include a man picking his nose, another man smelling his armpit sweat, a pani-puri vendor cleaning his ear and scratching his chest while serving people, a man burping in a crowded elevator,  while another is scratching his backside in a hospital room, but the sight of two male lovers holding hands causes an uproar which leads the couple from being thrown out of a restaurant.
It ends with a message while those habits are ignored, the same people label two men holding hands as 'chee' (dirty). The voice over asks 'How can love be a disgusting thing? Love should be loved'. 
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