Apr 07, 2021

A 'cookieless' future will help digital advertising create and innovate: Iván Markman

The chief business officer at Verizon Media breaks down the imminent cookieless future of digital advertising

Feb 08, 2021

How brands caught the attention of Gen Z during the Super Bowl

Second-screen activations included influencer partnerships and social media sweepstakes

Jul 27, 2016

The history of Yahoo in seven ads

The future is uncertain for the battered tech giant, but its advertising heyday is long gone

Jan 18, 2011

“In the old days, the business card was the brand; it’s a lot more than that today”: Landor’s Craig Branigan

Craig Branigan, chairman of Landor Associates and chair and chief executive officer of the B to D Group, explains what’s exciting about the branding space in 2011 and where Landor India figures in the scheme of things