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Dec 03, 2012

Q&A: Nishant Padhiar, editor, Stuff and What Hi Fi India

Stuff India - a Campaign India sister publication - turns four this December. Padhiar explains what's changed over the years

Jan 08, 2009

Stuff India Editor's take on MacWorld 2009

The annual pilgrimage to the Golden Gate city saw a lot of enthusiastic and anxious Apple fans gather around MacWorld 2009.

Dec 19, 2008

Stuff India contest winners

Stuff India is happy to announce the winners of their contest. Editor Nishant Padhiar has picked the following entrants as the winners entitled to a free one-year subscription of the magazine. Congratulations to all winners!1) Veerchand Bothra2) Ashit Chandaria3) Roopesh Shah4) Surya5) Diganta Barua6) Vishal Sampat7) Aleem Merchant8) Nidhi Seth9) Rajiv Khattar10) Jayant Joy

Nov 28, 2008

Get one year of Stuff India free!

Why do you think you should get a free one-year subscription to Stuff India?Write to Nishant Padhiar, editor, Stuff India at and tell him why you deserve the freebie. The best ten entries, as judged by Nishant, will win.The last date for receiving entries is December 15, 2008. Winners will be announced on on 18 December, 2008. Nishant's decision will be final.

Nov 25, 2008

Stuff India to hit newsstands on 1st December

Stuff India, the Indian edition of Stuff, is set to launch on 1st December with a cover price of Rs. 100. The magazine launches with a print run of 40,000 copies.

Aug 27, 2008

Are we ready for Playboy/ is it ready for India?

There is a joke amongst the lads that everyone reads Playboy for its content. The reality, of course, is anything but. The US-based skin magazine is known for its raunchy, yet, classy nude centre spreads, which along with some great editorial and visual content makes it the best read men’s magazine in the world. But with its US sales shrinking and off-shore ones expanding, Playboy is eyeing the lucrative South East and South Asian markets to make a foray.