shiv sena

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘Media does play a role in influencing voters. But...

It was not all good news for the fourth estate as a panel discussed the topic: ‘Do media reports and opinion polls influence voters?’

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘So Mr Ketkar, why is there a loss of 13 per cent votes (in our opinion poll)?’

The panel was divided on the topic of opinion polls influencing voters, but near-unanimous in questioning of their robustness

Nov 29, 2012

Will brand Shiv Sena survive its creator? Yes, it can.

New leaders will have to understand the depth of the connection between the idea behind Shiv Sena and the audience it inspired.

Oct 14, 2010

Colors blackmailed, blacked out

Workers from a political party have threatened cable operators to block off Colors.

Nov 24, 2009

Anant’s blog: Looking beyond IBN Lokmat in the attack

There have been reams written about the attack by Shiv Sena activists on the IBN Lokmat office in Mumbai.In an unusual show of solidarity, newspapers and news channels have all condemned the attack, with even The Times of India – always loth to mention a competitive media product – front-paging the attack story with a photograph.The Shiv Sena hit back saying the ‘media is not God’.