sheetal pritmani mukherjee

Apr 22, 2022

IPL 2022: Adland's favourite and least favourite campaign

Among the ads discussed are Spotify, Cred, Jaquar, Jar, Vimal Elaichi, Kamla Pasand and Zepto

Apr 07, 2022

Opinion: Technology is the biggest asset in the race for attention and relevance

It would be myopic to underestimate the capability of technology to disrupt our industry and practice, says the author

Feb 24, 2022

Opinion: Is agility the enemy of creativity?

Only when leadership has the ability to face constructive criticism, will creativity and innovation flourish, says the author

Dec 08, 2020

Year-ender 2020: 'Tech needs to be stitched into the fabric of organisations' - Sheetal Pritmani Mukherjee

We ask industry leaders for a learning from 2020 and one thing that they want from 2021

Dec 03, 2020

Brand's Suntory Myanmar looks to gift a boost of immunity

Grip Digi has conceptualised the campaign

Aug 10, 2020

Sheetal Pritmani Mukherjee announces launch of Grip Digi

Mukherjee was previously GM at Havas Riverorchid (Myanmar)