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Dec 13, 2023

Rapid fire with Nisha Narayanan

Our year-ender this time around places the fraternity on the 'hot seat' to answer questions about the year gone by and their expectations from 2024

Oct 12, 2023

Cricket fever on the airwaves: ICC World Cup 2023 and its resonance in radio advertising

Experts share their game plan for the ongoing ICC Men's World Cup and how brands are increasingly looking to leverage radio advertising's reach and effectiveness, thereby contributing to the anticipated increase in AdEx for this quarter

Sep 08, 2023

The industry must embrace the obstacle of measuring ROI in the era of performance marketing: Nisha Narayanan

The director and chief operating officer, Red FM and Magic FM, shares what she would like to see tackled next in the Indian media industry

Dec 21, 2021

Year-ender 2021: 'Policymakers will take note of long-pending requests from the radio industry'- Nisha Narayanan

We ask industry leaders for their learnings from 2021, and an outrageous prediction for the year to come

Jul 02, 2019

New York Festivals Radio Awards: Red FM, RBNL bag wins

Red FM wins three Bronze awards while RBNL won two