mohit jayal

Aug 11, 2011

Wieden + Kennedy bags Titan’s Xylys

The media services remain with Maxus

Nov 03, 2010

Double Standards: Is being in Delhi a disadvantage in adland?

We asked two Delhi hands- JWT's Babita Baruah and W+K's Mohit Jayal the question; one of them is a recent ‘migrant’ and the other a true-blue, Delhiite. And their answers? Well, it’s, Er, Yes and No.

Dec 23, 2009

eBay India pushes “Super Deals, Super Safe” brand message

eBay India has unveiled an integrated campaign aimed at expanding the online shopping category in the country.Targeted at savvy netizens across leading Indian metros in the 20 – 45 years age bracket, eBay India’s new campaign emphasizes “Super Deals, Super Safe”  as its core message. Conceptualized in a unique, black and white style, each 25-second commercial establishes key user benefits of product range, deals, discounts and security through a playful twist on calls that come to the talk show “The eBay way”.

May 07, 2009

Suits highlight value of Cannes

In the last issue, we asked creatives why Cannes was important. This issue we ask the suits and bring you highlights on the serious side to Cannes. Charles Cadell, Lowe India