karl gomes

May 03, 2019

DAN Consult gets Karl Gomes as partner - customer experience

Moves from Fanatics where he was chief fanatic officer

Sep 26, 2011

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair 2011 receives 284 entries

Across nine categories, over 100 brands and 57 agencies have participated in the Awards this year

Jun 21, 2011

Live Issue: Are young creatives attracted to digital?

With talent being a point of concern, Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy finds out interest levels in working for the medium

Jan 04, 2011

Why do you Tweet?

There are those who spend — literally — a few hours a day on Twitter. Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy wanted to know why.

May 11, 2010

Mohanachandran, Gomes launch Agency Digi

Ex Neo@Ogilvy hand Prasanth Mohanachandran (pictured, left) and former Rediffusion NCD for Digital Karl Gomes (pictured, right) have launched a digital shop Agency-Digi.  Talking to Campaign India, Mohanachandran said, “This was on our minds for sometime since late last year. It’s taken a while since then for things to fall into place. Karl quit his job much before I did. I took a little longer to take the plunge.

Dec 18, 2009

On Storyboard this week: 10 years of Moneycontrol

This week, watch Storyboard as it celebrates 10 years of Moneycontrol. In addition, watch the show take a closer look at the digital medium from the perspective of marketers, media agencies and digital experts, to understand what the future holds for the medium.