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Dec 18, 2020

What Instagram’s ‘Lite’ version means for brands and content creators

A look at how newer audiences joining the platform changes the content creation game

Aug 30, 2018

Weekend Watch: Wake up and hit the sporting circuit says Decathlon

Watch the film conceptualised by Social Kinnect here

Dec 14, 2017

Social Kinnect appoints Gerard Jayaranjan as NCD

He was recently the NCD at FCB Ulka Digital

Dec 06, 2017

FCB Ulka's NCD for digital Gerard Jayaranjan quits

His last day at the agency was 30 November

May 18, 2016

BPL Adland Predictions: Madison BMB's Raj Nair emerges victorious

Inches ahead of OneSeptember's Aarish Matcheswalla and DDB Mudra West's Rahul Mathew in predicting Barclays Premier League results after 38 weeks

May 06, 2016

BPL Adland Predictions: Gameweek 37

Aarish Matcheswalla, Gerard Jayaranjan, Juju Basu, Raahil Chopra, Raj Nair and Rahul Mathew go head-to-head to predict Barclays Premier League results