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1 day ago

69% of India infested with fake news during lockdown: Report

WhatsApp and Facebook biggest sources of fake news according to the study conducted by Social Media Matters along with Institute for Governance, Policies and Politics

Jun 11, 2020

Brand safety playbook for marketers: Policy shifts, fake news, Covid-19 and more

The new GroupM report dives into how brand safety has been evolving in recent months.

Nov 29, 2019

Facebook adds disclaimer to 'fake news' post on request of Singapore government

Backed into a legal corner, Facebook has said it is relying on the "Singapore government’s assurances that it will not impact free expression".

May 09, 2019

'Print is Proof' is about the credibility of print: Kaacon Sethi

The chief corporate marketing officer at DB Corp talks about the Print is Proof campaign and explains how it is a momentous occasion as it has brought the industry together without the help of a common platform.