charlie crowe

Apr 09, 2011

Campaign India in conversation with C Squared’s Charlie Crowe; Powered bu Hindustan Times

Campaign India in conversation with C Squared's Charlie Crowe

Apr 09, 2011

Winners on Day 1 of the "Attend, write, win an iPod" contest

Read the best reviews we received yesterday in this Campaign India and MTV contest at Goafest

Apr 09, 2011

Goafest 2011: “Media can be as creative as John Hegarty is”

Charlie Crowe, chief executive officer, C Squared, and founder, Festival of Media, gave his ideas on the importance of the media buying agency prioritising innovation

Apr 05, 2011

All About: Goafest 2011

Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy lists out what’s on offer this year at the fest

Mar 02, 2011

Guess who's coming to Goa?

This year, thanks to all the negative buzz that preceded the resolution, the Goafest committee has pulled out all the stops to make Goafest 2011 an event you can't miss. Here are the confirmed speakers