car crash

Apr 30, 2015

Weekend Fun: With an eye on safety

Watch the video conceptualized by BBDO Russia for Intouch Insurance here

Dec 07, 2009

Woods scandal: New mistresses claim Tiger's stripes

"Last week Tiger Woods hit a tree and a bunch of ladies fell out." (via @sethmeyers21 on Twitter) If you're the world's highest earning athlete right now, it is an extremely difficult time. The past week would have unfolded like a nightmare. The paparazzi is offering exorbitant prices to those who will get the next Tiger Woods mistress. Practically speaking, every few hours someone is claiming to have made love to Tiger Woods.

Dec 02, 2009

All about the Tiger Woods controversy

The highest earning sportsman in history has crashed his SUV, his wife is allegedly upset with him and she’s used his golf club to smash a window of his vehicle.What’s more, there’s an allegation of a third woman in Woods’ life - a woman who’s been labelled ‘husband snatcher’, ‘party animal’ and more.The noise about Tiger Woods across all media is reaching a crescendo, making one wonder whether all the hoopla is justified.