Feb 26, 2020

'Go ahead, drink and drive' urges Heineken

Publicis Singapore campaign puts beer fridges in parking lots. What could possibly go wrong?

Sep 30, 2016

Weekend Watch: 'Two men and a beer' – Haywards' journey

Watch the series conceptualised by Happy Creative Services for Haywards here

Jul 21, 2016

‘International premium brands clearly growing faster than the market’: Kartikeya Sharma, AB InBev

Budweiser gets most of marketing budget; imported Stella Artois, Corona, Hoegaarden are AB InBev’s ‘bet for the future’

Feb 02, 2016

Dave Trott's blog: Secret drinker

If you control the belief, you control the reality, contends the author

Sep 05, 2014

Weekend Fun 1: Corona Extra beams some sun on Canadians

Watch the campaign conceptualised by Zulu Alpha Kilo here

Jan 09, 2012

MMGB: Andes says 'Why lie when you can teleport'

This Monday, Andes gives you a way to deal with your nagging girlfriend, scientifically and tactfully