Apr 07, 2014

BCCC issues two advisories to channels

Portrayal of persons with disabilities; depiction and use of national flag, emblem, anthem, map in focus

Aug 16, 2013

BCCC issues advisories against showing acid attacks and content insensitive to minorities

Imposes financial penalty of Rs 12.5 lakh on two Big CBS channels

Jul 23, 2013

BCCC empowered to fine member channels for content violation

At the recent Indian Broadcasting Foundation meet, it was decided that Broadcasting Content Complaints Council can levy afinancial penalty

Feb 12, 2013

All About: BCCC

Rishi Vora takes a closer look at BCCC’s role in India’s growing TV industry

Jan 24, 2013

‘Graded financial penalty can be introduced for serious violations by channels’: BCCC

The Broadcasting Content Complaints Council has submitted a Report to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on the subject on 22 January 2013