alok bharadwaj

Nov 25, 2011

"Indian markets are injured and require first-aid", says Canon India's Alok Bharadwaj

Alok Bharadwaj, senior vice-president, Canon India, urges marketers to not feel disheartened as the fundamentals of demand are shaping strongly

Nov 24, 2011

World Brand Congress begins today

Canon India's Alok Bharadwaj will deliver the inaugural session of the three day event

Sep 26, 2011

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair 2011 receives 284 entries

Across nine categories, over 100 brands and 57 agencies have participated in the Awards this year

Oct 29, 2010

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair Award receives 183 entries

The awards, to be announced in December, will depict the best creative work in digital advertising