R Sridhar
Jan 29, 2018

Tribute: 'This is like a Police dossier!'

Advertising veteran and former director of Ogilvy India, R Sridhar pens a tribute to Ranjan Kapur

Tribute: 'This is like a Police dossier!'
My first meeting with Ranjan was in December 1974. I had gone to meet Mr Ayer who took me to Ranjan and introduced me to him.
It was in Apeejay House 5th floor.
I was working in Frank Simoes those days. Desperate for a change, I had put together a complete dossier on myself. The person who suggested I meet Mr Ayer had mentioned that SRA was thorough and meticulous. The dossier answered every single question that I thought might be asked. It was handed over the previous day. Mr Ayer handed over my papers to Ranjan.
Ranjan leafed through it and laughed, “This is like a Police dossier!!”
We had a conversation and it didn’t feel like an interview. Then he said “ You know Frank & I are good friends. I might want to have a word with him.”
“I have come here to get a job and not lose one” I blurted out. My tension was palpable.
He laughed and said, “Relax, I just wanted to see your reaction.”
Within a few minutes he got up, “Let us go meet Mani”.
He handed my papers to SRA and said, “He is on”.
I joined in April 1975. That makes it 43 years of friendship.
Reality hit me this morning when his body was finally pushed into the electric furnace and an iron door closed.
I came home and looked at my calendar for tomorrow.
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