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Jan 31, 2014

Things They Like: Zenobia Pithawalla

The O&M creative tells us why she doesn't wear a watch, her dream car, perfume and more

Things They Like: Zenobia Pithawalla
Zenobia Pithawalla, executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, is not a gadget person. The only must-have gadget is her iPhone 4, which doubles as her laptop at work, camera at parties and watch at industry events.
One can find Pithawalla in black or white at work or at a party but its strictly black when it comes to industry events. She doesn’t follow brands and likes to pick up whatever catches her eye. She loves Forever New as their styles are very feminine and they use a lot of lace; she also likes the vintage look and sharp asymmetrical edges of AllSaints. “I don’t wear denims. I don’t like the feel of denims against my skin. Somehow jeans make me feel all tied up,” she adds. When it comes to accessories, she loves chunky rings and likes to collect hoops wherever she travels. Among gemstones, Mother of Pearl tops the list as she finds its texture and colour soothing and beautiful.
Pithawalla doesn’t own a watch and for that matter, there is no clock at her house either “I don’t like the idea of keeping an eye on time”, she explains. On shoes too, she doesn’t care about the brand or design. She likes to pick up shoes on the basis of the heel - she prefers chunky heels and at any given time she needs to have three colours in her shoe cabinet: black, silver and beige or tan. Perfumes are her poison. She doesn’t step out the house without wearing perfume. Depending on the mood and what her day is like, she decided on the fragrance. Her all time favourite is J’adore and her current favourite is Valentina by Valentino. “There is something very reassuring about J’adore,” she adds.
Pithawalla is a person of comfort, not adventure - that’s the reason she never learnt driving. She travels to work in an Accord and her dream car is a Mercedes. “It is funny, but I can tell a Merc from the way a person is sitting in the backseat,” she surmises.
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