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Mar 01, 2011

Quantum Market Research launches new consumer-centric consulting business

Quantum 360 aims to provide marketers with multi-dimensional perspectives about their problems and also come up with solutions to address them

Quantum Market Research launches new consumer-centric consulting business

Quantum Market Research has announced the launch of Quantum 360, its consumer-centric consulting business. Though the division has been servicing marketers for almost a year, the division was officially announced last week. Quantum 360 aims to address new age brand and marketing challenges by enabling marketers to look beyond the obvious questions and think beyond the reasonable answers.  

Speaking about the launch Dr. Meena Kaushik, executive chairman, Quantum Market Research, said, “This is a really big step in our journey to understand the consumer more holistically and more deeply. It is the new face of Quantum that we believe our clients will find invaluable.”

On the idea behind the new division, Tirthankar Dash, senior vice president, Quantum Market Research, explained, “We have been in the research and marketing consultancy business for over 20 years and over the past 2 to 3 years, there are two questions that we have been faced with. One is in the area of futures, where we realised that consumers necessarily doesn't have an answer especially when it came to questions like 'What will happen to the category in the next five years?' or 'How do you think consumers will behave when it came to vehicles?'. These are all very valid marketing questions that have been asked and though the answers were lying with the consumers, we had to get it from them through mediums like internet, and get even get experts to mine data and study challenges faced by other marketers in other countries. So we went from being a pure consumer research company into looking at consumer consciousness across various ecosystems. The second thing that prompted us to look into this direction was when some of our partners urged us to even look at providing solutions based on these marketing problems and partner us till the project is rolled out.”

Dash will be heading the business unit. The agency is already working with several companies like Mahindra Group, Tata Group and Colgate Palmolive, among others. Some of the projects handled by Quantum 360 include: creation of a new automobile targeted at 'future consumers', hunting for alternative energy opportunities in rural India, creation of an 'India Marketing Mandate' for a global beauty brand, defining the code of contemporary Indian Masculinity, and innovative low cost housing solutions in rural India. 

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