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Aug 28, 2018

Partner Content: Forseeing the technology of the future - Bengaluru-based IoT startup launches Trill App

Building the next generation retail experience: Bengaluru-based IoT startup launches Trill App based on data over sound technology

Partner Content: Forseeing the technology of the future - Bengaluru-based IoT startup launches Trill App
The Launch
Imagine a world where smart phones do not need GPS, bluetooth, NFC or Wifi to transmit data! Your devices can now simply use their microphone and speakers for transferring data!
Sounds like science fiction? A Bengaluru based startup is doing just that!
Trillbit Technologies, an IOT (Internet of Things) company launched its one-of-a-kind app on 19th August 2018 called “Trill” that transfers data over sound. The company showcased its technology and the benefits of the app for the first time at the Gopalan Signature Mall on Sunday by engaging the shoppers real-time through interactive games. With great panache the app was thus launched, with an excellent well-thought out demo.  
The company gave reward points and exclusive discounts to shoppers based on the time they spent on the app in the mall. Using their superior sound technology that could target and locate anyone even indoors, the users could send codes to each other, unlocking incomplete slogans and one liners. The Trill user thus made acquaintances over the small period of time in the mall itself while winning steal deals. 
The management at Gopalan Signature Mall was very excited with the buzz generated by the app among the shoppers in the mall and the vicinity. Given the success of the Trill demo at the mall, they are looking at an increase in footfall in the mall as well as a boost in sales through such games coupled with proximity based targeted offers.
The Technology behind Trill
Trilllbit is known to be the pioneers of the “Internet of Sound” technology. It claims to provide a communication protocol using its proprietary and patented technology that transmits data over ultrasonic sound range within a particular distance. Its primary USP is that any business that wants to connect with its users can utilize this technology without any additional hardware installation or even internet. A mic or a speaker isn't just a sound emitter; with the technology of the app it becomes a data transfer device. This unique technology of the Internet of Sound or "Data Over Sound" makes the Trill app unique and pathbreaking.
Through speakers present at malls and stores, offers and promotions can easily be sent to people who have the Trill app downloaded in their phones.
Revolutionizing the customer experience in offline retail setting, Trillbit has the ambitious aim to synergize all the touch points from search, discovery and navigation to easy checkouts and payments in offline settings that are  major pain points that all next generation retail stores want to overcome. This is what the app Trill does, with just a touch in the handiest of devices, your smart phones! 
Trillbit is also testing its technology in other industries such as the airline industry for offline sky payment and any second screen application in TV and Radio. It is also looking at simplifying queue management by using sound tickets which can automatically authenticate multiple tickets removing the need for scanning.
The superior technology of Trillbit would not have seen the light or should we say the sound of the day if it was not for institutional investors as well as angel investors. Trillbit was awarded the best startup in the Economics Times Power of Ideas (ETPOI) and has also been selected in Cisco LaunchPad 2018 program. The Trill app also takes on this technology of the IOS which is surely going to spearhead the world in times to come.  
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