Dr AL Sharada
Sep 08, 2021

Creative critique from a gender lens: 30 Aug - 3 September

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Creative critique from a gender lens: 30 Aug - 3 September

'Fitness is not an option' is an important message conveyed in the ad using humour. I hope more young people pursue fitness as a goal in itself and not just as a requirement for athletes and film heroes.
Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3/5

It’s interesting to see a man quickly make a platter of yummy kebabs for his unannounced guests. The film also shows the young woman in a very non-stereotypical fashion; she’s not being patronising towards the man and neither jumping up to help him.
GSS: 3.5/5

I think it is the latest trend to show obsessive and stupid mothers!
GSS: 2.5/5

This is a typical ad featuring a man in love with his bike!
GSS: 2.75/5
The ad is just highlighting the features of the car. What stopped the creative team from showing a woman as the car’s owner?
GSS: 2.5/5

A macho man single-handedly bashing up dozens of men to accomplish his ‘mission impossible’! Tell me, what is new about it?
GSS: 2/5
It’s interesting to see a celebrity being roped in to convey a good message to young boys: girls can play any sport and play well, too.
GSS: 3.5/5

A huge man known for his strength and ability to vanquish his opponents effortlessly finds new interests and passions. And they are not about riding mean machines or pursuing a competitive sport but the passion to stitch and embroider. It makes the viewer pause and wonder 'why not'?
GSS 4.5/5

Once again the ad is targeted at men. Do we think that women do not invest in health insurance for themselves because they believe it is the responsibility of their husbands to provide for them? Insurance companies need to educate and bring more women to invest in their financial security. Medical expenses are one of the most frequent reasons behind sudden impoverishment.
GSS: 2/5
Once again a very male-centric, stereotypical ad.
GSS: 2/5

A stereotypical ad of two men addressing a financial crisis. What’s new?
GSS: 2/5
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