Creative critique from a gender lens: 24-28 January

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Feb 04, 2022 04:14:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

What did not work

Unacademy and Lupin are very much celebrity-driven and celebrate the concept of a competitive, male-centric world. While it is true that the films do not say that only men and boys are to compete with themselves to excel or break the barriers to achieve their goals, the presentation, the body language, the voiceover denote an aggressive macho image.

Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 2.25/5 (for Unacademy and Lupin)

The very sleek Yezdi ad while underscoring the contribution of the non-conformists to society once again establishes the vehicle as a macho mean machine.

GSS: 2.5/5
What did not work at all! 

The Snapdeal ad is a feel-good ad that is stereotypical to the core.   
The projection of the couple and the children, including the one son, one daughter family as a 'complete family', does not really project the changing face of the Indian middle class and its changing aspirations!
GSS: 2/5
Other films from last week:
GSS: 2.7/5
GSS: 2.7/5
GSS: 2.7/5
GSS: 3/5