Creative critique from a gender lens: 16-20 May

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

May 27, 2022 09:27:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

What worked:


P&G Shiksha

The most appealing feature of the ad is the portrayal of the man - soft, caring and nurturing. In a world where men are always shown as 'macho', it is nice to see an ad that portrays a man as being sensitive. The ad focuses on girls and their education which is of paramount importance in our country, where girls lag in both enrolment and retention in schools.


Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 4.5/5



The ad celebrates the empowered women who are pursuing their dreams, desires and aspirations in a free-spirited and fearless manner. The women are shown as lost in their world unencumbered by others, independent, empowered and confident.


GSS: 4/5


Sony Sports Network

It is encouraging to note that while promoting the cricketing season, the creative team chose to project a woman cricketer and a women's cricket match, thus breaking the stereotype of cricket as a men's sport.


GSS: 4/5



The ad addresses the general practice of keeping the sanitary pads under wraps and the shame attached to being seen with them. The message is direct and conveyed humorously. 


GSS: 3.75/5


Other films from last week:



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 3.5/5



GSS: 2.75/5



GSS: 2.75/5



GSS: 2.75/5


JSW Paints

GSS: 2.75/5

GSS: 2.5/5



GSS: 3.5/5


GSS: 2.75/5