Creative critique from a gender lens: 1-5 May

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews ads from last week on the basis of gender sensitivity

May 12, 2023 11:43:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada Share - Share to Facebook

What worked: 


Uber Auto

This ad is effective in challenging gender assumptions and provoking thought. It may make viewers feel ashamed of their preconceived notions about a woman going alone at night to a club and inspire them to question their own biases. The use of an unexpected twist is also effective in keeping viewers engaged and interested in the ad. 


Gender Sensitivity Score (GSS): 3.75/5


What did not work: 



The Fronx ad is a stereotypical one that reinforces traditional gender roles. The ad features a man and his car going on adventurous escapades together, and when a woman is featured in the ad, she is portrayed as a silent approver of the man's obsession with his car. This ad perpetuates the idea that cars are a male domain and that women are simply there to support men's interests. The ad is predictable and unoriginal, relying on tired tropes that have been used in car ads for decades.


GSS: 2.5/5



The Axe ad suffers from a lack of subtlety. The ad tries to make the point that body odour is unappealing, but the execution relies heavily on exaggerated gender stereotypes and laboured humour.


GSS: 2.5/5


Other films from the week:



GSS: 3/5



GSS: 2.75/5


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