Café Coffee Day takes the radio route to announce refreshed menu

The radio spots have been created by Creativeland Asia

May 23, 2012 01:42:00 PM | Article | Shephali Bhatt

To communicate its new, 'refreshed' menu launched around two months ago, Café Coffee Day (CCD) launched a radio campaign in New Delhi a month ago. The campaign has been carried forward to Mumbai and Bengaluru now, and is titled, "Food so delicious that you won't open your mouth for anything else". Listen to the three radio spots created by Creativeland Asia.





On the choice of media and the roll out of 'local' campaigns, K Ramakrishnan, president, marketing,  Café Coffee Day, said, "When we changed our menu, rather refreshed it, we wanted to communicate the change to our regular customers at first. Therefore, the first month and a half was utilised in spreading the news through our own cafes and social media. We did a bunch of work on outdoor media as well. When we needed an accelerated response, we realised that radio would be an apt medium."

The campaign has been released on three channels each in Mumbai (Radio One, Radio Mirchi, BIG FM) and Bengaluru (Radio Indigo, Radio Mirchi, BIG FM).

On the creative brief given by CCD to the agency, Anu Joseph, executive creative director, Creativeland Asia, commented, "The brief was clearly to highlight the fact that there's mouth-watering fare available at Café Coffee Day now."

Joseph added, "The idea was to delve into conversations  wherein someone asks an 'awkward' question. The kind of question that could land you in trouble if you don't answer on time. In each of the radio spots, we captured simple, insightful conversations like a girlfriend asking her guy if she has put on weight. Now any delay in answering that question can lead to a situation. Not bothering about the repercussions, our protagonists continue indulging in the food without bothering to answer the question."


Client:  Café Coffee Day
Creative Agency: Creativeland Asia
Media Agency: Madison Media