Gionee ELife brings features to life with surreal ‘do more’ script

Watch the ad film created by Brand Curry Communications here

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Gionee Mobile India has launched a campaign for its ELife E6 smartphones, conceptualised by Brand Curry Communications. The film went on air on 23 October and will run for five weeks.

The film opens with a couple seated at a table, playing chess. As the players move the pieces without touching them, the ‘One Glass Solution’ feature of the phone is highlighted – the camera closes in to show the chessboard on the phone’s screen. The voiceover says, “See more to win at ease”. The film then shows a water droplet falling into the ocean, which morphs into a waterfall. The voice over says, “Hear the silence to feel the music”, which refers to the DTS Sound. As a finger flips the scene, we see another couple walking along a street that has mobile screens as the walls. The girl is shown flying (with multiple hands) to touch the phone’s features and apps. The voice over says, “Enjoy the power to surge ahead. Just be as you want to be.” Another couple is shown driving in a car, highlighting the ‘unibody designs’ and ‘smart gesture control’ as the boy extends his hand to swipe a cloud over the sun to provide shade for the lady. The voice over says, “Multiple worlds- make it one.” In the last frame, a girl zooms into a ship when the water splashes on her face. The voice over says, “Make it big. Make it real”. The film ends with a voice over that says, “Enjoy life. ELife E6, do more with less.”

On the campaign, Arvind R Vohra, managing director, Syntech Technology India, said, “The whole idea behind this launch is to go and talk about the hardware supremacy of the product. Our objective for Gionee was clearly to reach to the consumers at the national level so strategically we decided to push the phone through the hardware route. Because to enjoy the software features we need to have the right hardware to blend and give a world class experience.”

Ratno Rudra, partner and director, Brand Curry Communications said, “The creative strategy was to set up the user pay off arising out of hardware - unique life experiences that the handset promises, an empowerment that allows a sense of discovery, uninhibited. Mobile phone market is witnessing high decibel advertising where every brand is trying to outshout the next one with new promises and different value propositions.” 

He added, “We attempted a freshness in execution strategy away from the cluster of hard working propositions and hence this communication with symbolism. Our team believed that surreal in the world of ultra-real should stand out and make consumer notice the communication.”


Creative director and partner: Ratno Rudra

Account management: Subrata Chakraborty

Production house: Kiss Films

Director (film): Juan Jaramillo


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