Aegon uses humour to help consumers choose the right policy

Watch the film conceptualised by DDB Mudra Group here

Jan 19, 2017 04:29:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Aegon Life Insurance has rolled out a campaign that urges users to pick their own insurance policies. The campaign has been conceptualised by DDB Mudra and consists of a digital film. 
The film opens with a man shown grasping for breath after a work-out. It progresses to show a pair of legs running towards him. It's then revealed that the man's body has been split into two, with his legs and the top part of the body different. The film cuts to a flashback to show that the man was at a magic show with a friend. The friend made the man volunteer to take part in a piece of magic, which split the man's body into two. The voice over says, 'Be it protection in life or in insurance, letting others decide for you is a risk', before introducing Aegon Life Insurance's #iDecide initiative.
Martijn de Jong, chief digital officer, Aegon Life Insurance, said, “Our objective is simple – empowering customers to understand their needs and identifying the products that will satisfy these needs of their own accord. The theme of the campaign - #iDecide – is to sensitise the audience that a decision as big as protecting your loved ones should not be left to others. Through this campaign, we want to directly communicate with our audience and enable them to take their own financial decisions like insuring their loved ones.”  
Rahul Guha, president, TrackDDB, said, “Aegon Life is not just a brand, marketing itself through the digital platforms but is a business itself that is digitally driven. This transformation in the business model has made us relook at the digital marketing solutions in a completely new way. Through a combination of digital brand content, communication and sharply targeted segment relevant communication, we are looking to empower the DIY generation to choose which protection is right for them. It is an exciting warm reboot phase in the Aegon Life journey and we look forward to being strong creative business catalysts as journeymen."
Ashish Phatak, ECD, DDB Mudra West, added, “The creative idea stems from what happens when you let others make decisions for you. And we have only highlighted the unfortunate and rather bizarre consequences that can befall an individual when that happens. In this way, our campaign urges insurance buyers to take charge of their financial future, especially now that Aegon Life Insurance has simplified the policy selection and buying experience.”
Client: Aegon Life Insurance
Creative agency: DDB Mudra Group
Production house : Like-Minded People
Director: Piyush Raghani