Jan 07, 2022

‘A complete mess’: Novak Djokovic saga causes reputational damage

PR pros weigh in on the poor communications practice that led to confusion and anger ahead of one of the sporting world’s most-watched tournaments

Jul 05, 2021

Raahil's Blog: It's Adidas and Nike for Sania Mirza at Wimbledon

The former number one in Women's Doubles was spotted wearing both the brands on court during the tournament

Jul 21, 2017

Pick of the Week: Nike

The film conceptualised by W+K Portland to congratulate Roger Federer stands out

Dec 12, 2011

MMGB: Xbox Eartennis

Don't give Monday an excuse to spoil your mood. Cheer up, for you have to 'play hard'

Jan 13, 2010

Sports action on TV: Lots in store for football junkies

Ah well, another weekend's here. And for all those who are going to be home instead of catching movies, plays and gigs, there are always sports to watch in the comfort of your couch and a mug of beer. And of course, if you are a sports buff, you will be home voluntarily. There's nothing noteworthy happening on the cricket front, unfortunately. However, football junkies have much to keep them busy this weekend.