star cj alive

Sep 27, 2013

‘There is no other market that has such potential for home shopping’: Donald Kwag, Star CJ Alive

Q&A with Donald Kwag, Star CJ Alive, on the ongoing creative pitch, focus on housewives and BTL, growing share of online sales, preference for smaller agencies, and more.

Feb 04, 2011

Star CJ Alive launches online shopping mall

The online store will facilitate users to compare products available through the network.

Aug 25, 2010

Star CJ Alive campaign built on research response “Paagal hai kya?”

The guiding thought for the launch communication of 24-hour shopping channel Star CJ Alive was built around what the research team heard in their pre-campaign interviews. Paritosh Joshi, chief executive officer of Star CJ Network, said, “In fact during the same research when people were asked whether they shopped from a homeshopping channel, the most oft-quoted response was ‘Paagal hai kya?’ Thus out of this ‘Paagal Hai Kya’ response was born the ‘Paagal’ character – the madman with the crazy hairstyle.” 

Jul 29, 2010

STAR CJ Network launches “STAR CJ Alive”

STAR CJ Network India has launched STAR CJ Alive, a 24-hour home shopping channel with the aim to transform lifestyles and the shopping experience for the Indian consumer. This was done after a successful pilot phase launched last year as a 6 hour slot on STAR Utsav.STAR CJ Network India is the result of a strategic partnership between Indian television network STAR and South Korean home shopping business CJ O Shopping.