Mar 05, 2015

Coca-Cola unveils major redesign as it shifts from brand-specific ads

Coca-Cola is embarking on a major shake-up of its marketing strategy that will see it bring all Coke variants under one master Coca-Cola brand as part of the "next chapter" of its evolution

Dec 30, 2009

Bisleri gets a new look ahead of New Year's

Packaged drinking water brand Bisleri has got itself a makeover in its packaging by introducing a 'celebration pack'.The central idea, Bisleri says, is to position it as "a brand for all occasions, something that will connect to consumers at all points of time". Red Lion is the design agency which has made the new look possible.The new celebration pack will have a new look that is more suited for parties, events and celebrations. The new pack will be available in 250ml and 500ml packages.