Mar 13, 2020

Global markets rout continues to pound holding companies

Global recession fears over the COVID-19 pandemic continue to crush markets worldwide as Dentsu and Hakuhodo shares continue to fall in Tokyo trading on Friday.

Jan 04, 2010

Top 10 marketing moments of 2009

From 'you'-centred marketing, to Waitrose launching its Essential range and the dominance of Twitter, Marketing looks at the top 10 marketing moments of the year.1. The recession

Oct 20, 2009

ZenithOptimedia downgrades global ad spend for 2009 to -9.9%

ZenithOptimedia has revised its global advertising expenditure forecasts down again after a "worse than expected first half of 2009.”Third quarter forecasts published by Publicis Groupe’s media agency network downgrades its global ad spend figures for 2009 for the third successive time this year, from -8.5% forecast in July to -9.9%. This time last year, ZenithOptimedia expected global ad spend to increase 4% in 2009, despite the anticipated economic downturn.

Aug 13, 2009

Youth think they're fine and therefore, they are

How happy are we? Is the happiness in the mind and is it real?As the country was hammered with bad news, the question that everyone kept asking was, how badly will the recession affect us. Is it real and are we insulated? Was the India shining story over, and were we entering a phase that would destroy years of growth?While there is an economic reality there is also the reality that we create in our minds. Had our minds slipped into a recession even before the economy did?

Jun 03, 2009

Winners of Peter Steidl's book announced!

Two weeks ago, Campaign India had announced a contest for all those who were to own a copy of Peter Steidl's book Survive, Exploit, Disrupt – Action Guidelines for Marketing in a Recession. We've received a number of entries from our readers, and Mindshare's R. Gowthaman is done sifting through them and choosing our winners. For those who couldn't make it, there's always a next time! The following entrants have won a copy of the book.

May 25, 2009

MMGB: A kid teaches us how

If things are tough in India, they're a lot worse in other parts of the world; the US is really, really bad. And here's a kid who wants to make things better for those who need help.