Mar 12, 2010

Eus of RadEUS is no more!

The day began its usual way until I got a call from dear old Dulcie, our trusted right hand in Radeus. The news was not good… she said Eustace of Radeus is no more. In a flash I travelled to over four decades ago to the story of Radeus…

Mar 12, 2010

Utterly gracious Eustace passes away

The last stalwart of Radeus Advertising has passed away. Eustace Fernandes was the creator of the now famous 'Amul Girl' - the little adorable moppet who charms us from prominent hoarding sites. He used to call her his beloved 'Little Girl'.How does one describe Eustace? Innovative, creative, generous, always ready to reach out to the needy, humorous. One runs out of words to describe a multi-talented person like Eustace. He not only created the the 'Amul moppet' but also the famous 'Limca waves' giving one a feeling of freshness.