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Nov 17, 2023

Businesses are no longer trusted on climate change: Edelman report

Edelman’s latest Trust Barometer surveyed 14,000 people across regions including APAC to understand the public’s perception of the climate crisis

Aug 05, 2022

Kapil Sabharwal launches a PR specialist talent acquisition and retention firm

Sabharwal's last full-time stint was with Genesis BCW

Jul 19, 2022

Twitter vs Musk: You can't handle the truth!

Twitter’s decision to force a $44 billion buyout in court runs high risks for both parties – a public courtroom spat won’t benefit Musk or Twitter’s reputation

Jul 12, 2022

Opinion: A startup’s success playbook for category leadership

One thing that turns startups into category leaders isn’t always a better business model or a more compelling product. It’s the stories they make and tell, explains the author

Jun 02, 2022

Opinion: How familiar are you with PR, today?

The author discusses a 'remarkable shift' in the PR industry and highlights seven trends from the last two years

Mar 21, 2022

Value 360 Communications relaunches Popkorn Communications with Vishal Mehra as CEO

Popkorn Communications is the digital marketing agency part of the Value 360 group