overnight audience measurement

Apr 06, 2010

Breaking news: aMap's Joseph Eapen to join MRUC as CEO

Joseph Eapen, CEO, Audience Measurement and Analytics (aMap) will join Media Research Users Council (MRUC) as CEO.Andrey Purushottam, chairman, MRUC has confirmed the development. Commenting on Eapen's appointment, Purushottam said, "Joseph brings tonnes of relevant experience and will play a key role in transforming the MRUC into a vibrant organization that spearheads the cause of timely, credible and cost effective research across all media. I am sure Joseph will make the MRUC far more responsive to the needs of its constituents."

Mar 05, 2010

aMap launches real-time viewership measurement for IPL

Audience Measurement and Analytics (aMap), the overnight audience viewership provider, has now decided to offer real-time audience measurement.The company will install 'Live Terminals' in the offices of subscribers to this new service and these will be able to see the ratings within one or two hours of the content going on air.