Nov 01, 2020

Opinion: Is your brand talking where consumers are shopping?

The author looks at a new audience category and explains how marketers can target these consumers

Oct 07, 2020

Opinion: How retail marketers can adapt to today’s social distancing economy

It’s essential for retail marketers to stay in the present and think critically about how they’re advertising their products, explains the author

Aug 06, 2020

Opinion: ‘Conscious consumerism’ – what is it? What of it?

The authors explain how the 'Boycott China' and 'anti-nepotism' movements are changing consumer behaviour

Aug 04, 2020

Opinion: Getting hired in the PR industry during Covid times

The author states ways in which PR representatives can make themselves more visible to employers and eventually get hired

Jul 19, 2020

Opinion: How can brands deliver great value during these times?

The author states that the biggest opportunity for marketers is to understand how the meaning of value is being reconfigured in consumer minds during these times and adapt offerings to this new meaning.

Jul 15, 2020

Opinion: Kya hum atmanirbhar ho sakte hai?

The authors discuss how recent developments have pushed middle class India into becoming self-reliant and wonder how this behaviour will sustain in the future.