Jun 16, 2022

Opinion: Decoded - scaling the #NeverNormal of digital businesses with effective strategy

The author decodes how a strategists' role has become even more significant in this #nevernormal of digital briefs and shares his take on an effective strategic approach

May 02, 2022

Opinion: Brand building took a backseat during the pandemic - it's time to rebalance

Brand building and advertising have faced some turbulence during the pandemic, but certain marketing strategies can be adopted if brands want to get back on track

Apr 07, 2022

Opinion: Technology is the biggest asset in the race for attention and relevance

It would be myopic to underestimate the capability of technology to disrupt our industry and practice, says the author

Apr 04, 2022

Opinion: Fleeing fragility - the emerging Indian man

Deconstructing the changing codes of masculinity in India through a semiotic reading of the fast-growing men’s grooming industry

Feb 14, 2022

Opinion: The resilience workout

We must intentionally regulate our inner world especially during difficult times by giving ourselves the space to call things as they are, says the author

Feb 03, 2022

Opinion: Communications tech landscape – 2021 overview and 2022 outlook

The author lists four different ways through which the communications technology landscape is evolving