Jul 23, 2021

Opinion: Dear plus-sized women, you’re still not welcome in mainstream advertising

The author claims how advertising in India is ‘woke’ but not inclusive

Jun 30, 2021

Opinion: Beyond rainbows of June

Without meaningfully contributing to the LGBTQ+ community, celebrating June pride seems like an avenue for brands to profit and potentially lose face, says the author

May 07, 2021

Opinion: The power of UX experience to influence consumer purchases

The author has put forward strategic guidelines that can potentially impact the overall user experience of an e-commerce website

Apr 08, 2021

Opinion: Starting with the man in the mirror

The author makes a case for the industry to look inward as a starting point for positive change

Mar 18, 2021

Opinion: A timeless brand in the age of breathless time

The author outlines how some 'timeless' brands defy new-age rules of business

Feb 03, 2021

Opinion: A barber’s eye view of the 2021 Central Budget

The author tries to draw a direct line between industry-boosting policy initiatives and barber-boosting money-in-the-pocket outcomes