Aug 06, 2020

Opinion: ‘Conscious consumerism’ – what is it? What of it?

The authors explain how the 'Boycott China' and 'anti-nepotism' movements are changing consumer behaviour

Aug 04, 2020

Opinion: Getting hired in the PR industry during Covid times

The author states ways in which PR representatives can make themselves more visible to employers and eventually get hired

Jul 19, 2020

Opinion: How can brands deliver great value during these times?

The author states that the biggest opportunity for marketers is to understand how the meaning of value is being reconfigured in consumer minds during these times and adapt offerings to this new meaning.

Jul 15, 2020

Opinion: Kya hum atmanirbhar ho sakte hai?

The authors discuss how recent developments have pushed middle class India into becoming self-reliant and wonder how this behaviour will sustain in the future.

Jul 01, 2020

Opinion: The changing relevance of distance

Social distancing is the necessary shove we needed to use the technology that has been available to us for decades to increase productivity while cutting down expenditures, says the author

Jun 21, 2020

Opinion: Time for football to get television ads during the game?

In the past, experts have stated that football isn’t an attractive advertising option because of the lack of options for advertisers during the broadcast; now there's an opportunity to change that.