4 days ago

Opinion: The changing relevance of distance

Social distancing is the necessary shove we needed to use the technology that has been available to us for decades to increase productivity while cutting down expenditures, says the author

Jun 21, 2020

Opinion: Time for football to get television ads during the game?

In the past, experts have stated that football isn’t an attractive advertising option because of the lack of options for advertisers during the broadcast; now there's an opportunity to change that.

Jun 05, 2020

Opinion: The new office normal

Offices are finally opening once again! While this is obviously great news, there are bound to be new regulations in place. Here’s a humorous take on what could be SOP at your work place...

Jun 01, 2020

Blog: Three lessons from the past

The author looks at previous major historic events and applies learnings from them

May 18, 2020

Opinion: Break ke baad

The author states that it's time for the advertising industry to hunker down and do what it does best - dig deeper to weave stories.

May 12, 2020

Blog: The bird masterclass

The author states that there is a danger of having too many 'goals' during the lockdown and that can lead us to being more stressed rather than emerging feeling recharged and refreshed