Jan 10, 2022

A view from Nepal: The much-awaited advertising transformation

The author provides an update of the advertising, media and marketing industry in Nepal and how it has progressed over the last year

Dec 30, 2021

Opinion: Retarget, remarket, retain — the three horseman of India’s app marketing journey

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Dec 21, 2021

Opinion: Understanding Gen Z in India

Indians born between 1997 and 2010 differ both from the western conception of Gen Z consumers and from each other, depending on where and how they live

Nov 24, 2021

Opinion: Should brands paint with all the colours of the rainbow?

Do brands really owe a responsibility to reflect diversity in their advertisements, asks the author

Oct 06, 2021

Opinion: The more we see ourselves through tech, the more we contemn what we see

The author explains how video calls are forcing us to look at ourselves

Sep 15, 2021

Opinion: Empathy and ethics on social media

The author has noticed enough scenarios where compassion has gone missing on social media