michael jackson

Jun 21, 2012

ITC Classmate urges kids to be themselves, stay 'one of a kind'

Classmate, an education and stationery brand from ITC, has rolled out a new campaign themed ‘Because you are one of a kind’.

Dec 16, 2009

Internet Question: Can you get yourself to forgive Tiger Woods?

The Tiger Woods scandal is one of the most sensational controversies involving sports stars in recent times.Scandals involving celebrities, however, are nothing new.David Beckham, Michael Phelps, Shane Warne, Mohammad Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje, Michael Jackson – all have been part of it. They’ve been embarrassed by it. They’ve managed to recover from it. And most of them have got back to business.

Jul 10, 2009

Weekend Fun: The big MJ fan

And you can look forward to a lot more as we come across memorable and entertaining MJ stuff. For the moment, this is a great spoof. Enjoy. 

Jul 09, 2009

MJ the man died last week, the brand lives on

Today, people are taking a moment of silence to honor Michael Jackson and millions of people have commented in articles and on social media about their feelings and emotions around this tragedy.I spent half an hour this morning checking out Twitter and Facebook. Loads of postings, music, even drawings and poetry.A true global cultural experience, all pivoting around the tragic death of a super-talented singer.

Jul 06, 2009

MMGB: A little more of MJ

A Twitter tribute to Michael Jackson. Each word from the featured 'Billie Jean' video has been taken from Twitter updates from around the world. Click on this link, to watch the video, or cut and paste this URL on your browser window - http://billietweets.com/ Enjoy.

Jul 02, 2009

The King is dead, long live the King

Child prodigy, music genius, superstar, icon, nutcase, alleged predator, dead man.Michael Joseph Jackson probably touched more lives with his music than any other artiste, living or dead. Yet, there’s deep irony that his own crazy story can be summed up in such few words.