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May 29, 2019

"I was never wary of Thinkistan being anywhere similar to Mad Men": Padmakumar N

Thinkistan is the story of two contrasting characters slugging it out in the seductive, mad world of advertising. One is an English copywriter from a metropolis and the other, a Hindi copywriter from the heartland. Advertising man turned film-maker N Padmakumar 'Paddy', the creator of the series, tells Prasad Sangameshwaran of Campaign India that the making of the series was like setting up an agency of his own. Excerpts:

Oct 16, 2017

Media360 India: 'In God we trust. For everything else bring data'

In the digital world, will the Math Men outdo the Mad Men in the talent sweepstakes? Our panel set out to answer that.

Nov 18, 2015

From Share a Coke to Mad Men: the campaigns that defined Coke under Wendy Clark

As the marketer exits Coca-Cola after seven years for DDB, Marketing charts campaigns that shaped the era of her leadership

May 15, 2015

Weekend Fun: Life after 'Mad Men'

While shocking and a bit gratuitous, Ginsberg’s response to the introduction of the IBM System/360 computer can be viewed as an underreaction to what computers (and technology, in the broader sense) would eventually do to the advertising industry, write Huge MD Michael Koziol.

Jul 30, 2010

Your weekend reading list

Flavorpill's latest edition of Boldtype features the definitive 'Mad Men' reading list which covers many of the books that the characters in the TV series flick through.If you're a fan of the show or the period, check out the list here

May 28, 2010

Weekend watching: Mad Men, Peanuts

For a change, we thought we’d give you some suggestions of DVDs to buy. All that we suggest are available on