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Apr 16, 2012

Trilok's Blog: What me, funny?

Metal Communications’ Trilokjit Sengupta takes us through the taboo of self-deprecating humour

Mar 14, 2012

Shaziya's Blog: 'Cold' is the new warm

JWT's executive planning director Shaziya Khan ponders on the "and your point is?" movement and what it means for brands

Jan 03, 2012

Opinion: We need a new type of consumer classification

Alpana Parida, president of DY Works, presents a case and method for redefining consumers

Nov 09, 2011

All About: The Detroit of India: Chennai

Campaign India team explores the market sentiment

Nov 08, 2011

Kiran Khalap’s Blog: The next 5000 days of communication: explained 500 years ago

This month’s post by the co-founder of chlorophyll brand & communications consultancy

Nov 03, 2011

AdAsia 2011: Are clients looking for customised solutions for the "many Indias"?

We asked T Gangadhar, Nakul Chopra, Rahul Welde and Nandini Dias this question