graham kelly

Mar 23, 2015

Graham Kelly to serve up inspiration as Bates CHI & Partners ‘guest chef’

Graham Kelly, the former regional ECD of Isobar, is to join Bates CHI & Partners for a period of six months as what the agency terms a ‘guest chef’

Sep 18, 2013

Spikes 2013: Why social media isn't more creative: Isobar's Graham Kelly

Like any other media, work we produce for social media has to be entertaining, effective and intelligent

Sep 26, 2011

Yahoo! Big Idea Chair 2011 receives 284 entries

Across nine categories, over 100 brands and 57 agencies have participated in the Awards this year

Jun 07, 2011

Double Standards: Is social media a PR or advertising vertical?

With both advertising and PR agencies handling social media campaigns, Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy poses the question to agency heads on who delivers it better.

Jan 14, 2011

All About: Location-based social media

With increasing social media consumption, Campaign India sheds some light on these relatively new services hitting the space.