dave trott

Dec 19, 2023

Dave Trott's blog: A crap idea

With the example of toilets and pits, the author explains how a problem can be turned into an opportunity

Nov 27, 2023

Dave Trott's blog: Play the advantage

The author states that the advertising world, just like the referees, needs to learn the advantage rule, and start focussing on the consumers

Oct 11, 2023

Dave Trott's blog: Advertising as crossword clues

Advertising is often confusing, and while many believe there must be an underlying sense, the layers of meaning can be hard to decipher, says Dave Trott

Sep 15, 2023

Dave Trott's blog: Ceci N'est Pas Un Advert

The author explains why a lazy ad full of people dancing and laughing their heads off won’t deliver emotion

Dec 26, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: Copernican shift

The author states that the advertising industry needs a paradigm shift to see that it's not at the centre of the universe, but people are

Sep 16, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: The letter of the law, not the spirit of the law

The author reveals that the advertising industry has lost touch with reality and the job it is supposed to be doing