Sep 25, 2018

How Chris Foster plans to revive Y&R

The Asia president's blueprint involves heavy lifting on talent and culture, along with new regional hubs and future acquisitions. Y&R recently exited from its JV with Rediffusion in India.

Aug 21, 2015

Sonal Dabral underlines value of rooted insights

The chairman and CCO of DDB Mudra Group was speaking on day one of Ad Stars 2015

Oct 16, 2014

Opinion: Culture demands a new identity - one that evolves with the people who shape it

And culture should not be confused with values, says the author

Aug 07, 2014

IAA Young Turks Forum: Why we tell stories of resurrection, not crucifixion

Second IAA Young Turks Forum featured film makers Stuart Sender and Mahesh Bhatt

Feb 07, 2014

Opinion: Has our harvest festival been reduced to a dish?

Marketers have a lot to lose if the Indian cultural context vanishes. So do we, as Indians.