Jan 10, 2020

Weekend Laugh: Producer's Diary by Dalbir Singh

The co-founder of Kiss Films presents his weekly sketches for Campaign India

Jan 31, 2019

Blog: The love-all brand Priyanka Gandhi

The political game has just begun for Priyanka Gandhi. Will she go on to clinch the title or lose the plot?

May 17, 2014

Weekend Fun: Verdict 2014

The weekend won't be enough to finish discussing politics!

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘Media does play a role in influencing voters. But...

It was not all good news for the fourth estate as a panel discussed the topic: ‘Do media reports and opinion polls influence voters?’

Apr 11, 2014

IAA Conversations: ‘So Mr Ketkar, why is there a loss of 13 per cent votes (in our opinion poll)?’

The panel was divided on the topic of opinion polls influencing voters, but near-unanimous in questioning of their robustness

Apr 11, 2014

Opinion: Who is the Congress over-killing helping, really?

Be it in its ads, news studios, at public meetings or on online forums, does the BJP not have a story of its own to tell?