Apr 04, 2012

Babita's Blog: It all starts with the Brief

Babita Baruah, vice president and client services director, JWT Delhi, entreats one and all in the advertising fraternity to elevate the brief to an "exalted status"

Oct 26, 2009

MMGB: Designing the STOP sign

What if there were no STOP signs on the streets and a major corporation was charged with inventing one? 

Apr 28, 2008

How worthy are you of being on the client roster?

An agency decided it will call for a pitch. So it asked 9 big clients to respond to a crisp brief that was so exhaustive, it looked like a lethal potion a thousand brand managers had purposefully cooked up. Only, it wasn’t the brand managers, it was the account managers this time, that had gleefully put together a painstaking regurgitation of a zillion power point presentations.